How to Charter a Private Jet

how to charter a private jet

Modern air traveling is sometimes challenging due to the long lines and mediocre inflight service with annoying passengers. To get rid of these situations, you can upgrade to the business class, but still, there you find some issues, and therefore, the idea of flying in a private jet is the ultimate solution.

Over the years, the idea of chartering a private jet is only reserved for rich people. Operating a private jet costs thousands of dollars but thanks to the expansion and demand of the industry where chartering your own jet are within the range. You can quickly charter a private jet like Uber and fly abroad without spending a lot of money. Here in this article, we share everything that you should know before chartering your personal jet.

What are the benefits of flying privately?

Flying on a private jet brings so many advantages that include a higher level of convenience. The private aircraft has their own flight plans that allow their timing according to the passengers. These are way different from the commercial flights that depart and arrive at the same time. When you fly privately, then you can delay the timing of the plan and also change the planning at the last minute.

The private jet flying experience is different because here, you will fly with fewer people whom you know. Most of the time, the private charter plans fly with the people who known each other but sometimes they also pair you up with the people who are moving in the same direction if you want. In these aircraft, you will receive a spacious cabin where you get plenty of room to relax and chill with your family and friends. Here you will get served quality foods and drinks.

Besides this, here you get complete privacy and can skip the process from which you have to go through to catch the commercial flights. You can just step out of your car and enter right into the plan. That means now you don’t need to battle in the lines with the other passengers to complete all the requirements. Private aircraft are even faster and secure as compared to commercial flights. Private aircraft have the ability to fly in more than one location. So, in this way you can increase the chances of places where you can visit. 

Types of Charters where you can invest in flying:

When you have decided to chart a private jet, then travelers have lots of ways to go through this process. The basic option is to pay according to the per-flight basis. You can book a flight and pay for this before embarking on your trip. This is a straightforward solution for those people who want to fly privately. This might be the precious way but offers a higher level of flexibility and safety.

Another option that you can try is to buy a membership from a private chart company. By investing in this, you can get the ability to hire a flight within a limited time and flew away with great efficiency and flexibility. To hire this type of charter plan, you have to pay monthly or yearly. You can also ask to pay hourly. Some of the best examples where you can purchase these packages are Jet Linx, XOJet, and Wheels Up.

The best third option is to lease a charter jet that is quite costly. For some people, this is out of the budget. So, this option is ideal for those who have plenty of cash to invest.

Things you should know Before You Charter Your Flight

Before connecting with any private jet charter service, you have to learn about few rules. Before starting the scheduling, you should be clear about the destination and your departure location. When you visit the booking agents, then they will first ask this question. So, make sure that you have an idea about where you are traveling and arriving and departing time.

Besides that, you should have an idea about how many people are going to travel with you. You should have a rough idea about that it is going to be a one-way trip, or you want to get the return service too. You should also be clear about how much luggage is possible. Knowing the size of the group is necessary.

Other than this, you should have an idea about the services that they are going to provide like food, drink, wifi, snacks, and beverages. Most importantly don’t forget to ask about the price of the overall service.

How to Book Your Private Jet

Once you have decided to book the private jet, you should check the process of booking it. There are dozens of platforms where you can visit to book your own private jet. You can directly visit those companies or book through online and offline media.

A charter broker is something that helps you to decide which company is providing the best service or not. They will also help to pick the right size of the aircraft according to the number of travelers and your luggage. For all these things, you have to thanks the internet, and that makes things so much easy. 

 How Much Does It Cost?

The most asked question that people are curious about to know is how much it cost. Well, this is the factor that varies according to so many things. The price varies according to the distance, landing locations, length and size of the flight, and the number of people who are traveling. The price also depends upon the amenities they provide. As per the air charter service, the private jet and Cargo Company estimate cost is $1,900-$3,000 per hour to fly on a smaller jet. In case if you want to fly on a mid-size jet, then it cost $4,000 to $8,000 per hour. For larger jet, it cost up to $8,000 to $13,000 per hour. 

Now plan your next trip with a private jet.

By reading the above all discussed thing, you can understand how much easy it is to charter a private jet. So, now you can comfortably visit those sites and plan your next tour. 

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