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Role and responsibilities 

Although Rough NoteBook have reviewed all the contents before publishing it, it will still not be liable for any type of consequences that has risen for any content in Rough NoteBook. By operating the website, it doesn’t mean that Rough NoteBook endorses any content that is posted.

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Content posted on other websites 

Rough NoteBook cannot review all the contents that are posted on various websites that appear on Rough NoteBook. So, it shall not be held liable for any type of inappropriate content. It also doesn’t mean that Rough NoteBook such contents.

Copyright infringement

As Rough NoteBook ask others to respect the intellectual property rights, it also respects the intellectual property rights of other web platforms. So, if you believe that any material on Rough NoteBook websites violates your copyright, you must notify Rough NoteBook. Similarly, all the users who access the Rough NoteBook should also not violate the copyright infringement of Rough NoteBook. If Rough NoteBook finds a violation of any copyright infringement, it may terminate the account of the user.


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