Skin Tag On The Eyelid: Causes, Treatment, And More

Skin Tag On The Eyelid Causes, Treatment, And More

Before getting into the details, let’s understand what a skin tag is. It is overgrown skin on the parts of your body where skin friction is higher than other areas such as under the breast, neck, armpit, and eyelids, etc. There are several skin tags on eyelid removal options available, but you need to choose the one that suits you more. This overgrown skin is harmless; in most cases, people leave it untreated, but if it is on the open areas such as the face or hands, people opt for different treatments to get rid of them.

Most of the time, this overgrown skin is dark in colour if twisted, as there is no blood supply. It is more like dead skin hanging out of the skin surface. As skin tags are overgrown skin, it is essential to understand why they grow and what treatment options are available.

Causes Of Skin Tags

The excess cells growth on the upper layers of the skin causes the skin tags. Studies and surveys show the genetic associations, but there is no scientific evidence to date. Skin tag removal in Calgary or elsewhere can help you with the skin tags, and a professional can inform you about the real reason behind them. The possible reasons can be:

  • Age: More than 70% of the reported cases fall in the older age group, so maybe skin tags are part of the skin aging process.
  • Body size:  Overweight and obese people tend to have skin tags (on any part of the body). The reason is extra skin folds and a larger area of friction on the body.
  • Pregnancy: One of the most common reasons is hormonal changes during pregnancy. But in most cases, these skin tags disappeared after giving birth. 

Another study shows that people with insulin resistance and diabetes are more prone to skin tags.


As skin tags are overgrown skin hanging out of your body, so people mostly leave them untreated, but a considerable number of patients go for skin tag removal in Calgary or in whatever city they live. Most of the time, there is a cosmetic reason behind skin tags on eyelid removal.

Skin tags fall off on their own and get dried over time if the blood supply is reduced or the skin tag is twisted. Skin tags on the eyelid can’t settle quickly, so it is recommended to ask for professional help as the eyes are the most delicate part of the body.

People usually deal with skin tags with home remedies, but it is better to consult a professional first.

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Let’s see what options do we have for skin tag on eyelids removal:

· Cryotherapy 

This treatment involves freezing the skin tag. In this treatment, a pair of forceps is kept in liquid nitrogen. Then the skin tag is pinched between these forceps to freeze it off. 

This procedure needs to be repeated until the skin tag is completely shattered. 

· Scissor excision

This treatment includes a minor surgical approach. The doctor uses a sterile scissor to cut the skin tag attached from the eyelid. In most cases, electrical probes are used to avoid bleeding. 

· Electrosurgery

This treatment needs high-end professional training as current is passed through the skin tag to burn it. This treatment is quite effective and prevents post-surgical bleeding as well. Skin tags removal in Calgary and other cities require a professional approach to get rid of the skin tags on the eyes. A doctor can better recommend the method that suits your condition.

There are few risks as well!

As the skin tag on the eyelid removal requires proper care, there can be a few risks:

1. Bleeding

People should not attempt to remove large skin tags themselves, especially when it’s on the eyelids. It needs a professional approach and intensive care as a tiny wrong cut can cause a cascade. Professionals remove skin tags on eyelids with caution to avoid excessive blood loss. A doctor has the proper tools and training to stop the bleeding, but home remedies can cause severe damage if things don’t go as planned.

2. Scaring

One of the most common risks related to skin tag removal is if the cut is not made correctly. There may be a chance of significant scarring that can be aesthetically unpleasing. If the skin tag on eyelid removal is done by a professional, scarring risks can be minimized.


Skin tags on eyelids are harmless, but you can consult a doctor if you want to remove them without complications. Home remedies can help you, but eyes are delicate structures and need sophisticated handling. So, it is better to consult a professional. Your doctor can help you with the right procedure for the skin tag on eyelid removal. The process is safe, without any scar or bleeding.

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