Top Reasons How the Internet Habits of the New Generation Are Shaping the Industry

Internet Habits

The generation of our parents and grandparents had unique characteristics of the different stages of their life, from childhood to youth to old age. However, the generation of today binds over their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Even though the older generation fervently believes that technology has altered our lives forever, not many people are positive about the intrusive nature of tech. However, for the new generation, unbroken connectivity combined with advanced tech means a world full of potential, interaction, and opportunities. Still, the new generation is not naïve about the situation and is aware that this can be hurtful in the long term as well. What makes the internet usage of the new generation so unique? Here are our top reasons as to how the internet habits of the new generation are shaping the industry and continue to do so:

The first generation to use the internet

Gen Z was unquestionably the first generation that experienced the internet with its full swag. Their internet consumption in comparison to other generation kids is more as Gen Z spends the most time online. Interestingly, a thorough study was conducted which found out that at least 66 percent of this generation would willingly give up their college degrees, just to gain access to a lifetime supply of unlimited internet. Thus, displaying the importance that the Internet holds for them. Since Gen Z consists of people who are born between the years 1996 to 2015, hence their age bracket usually ranges from 6 to 25 years old. Even more, interestingly, Gen Z constitutes about 28 percent of the American population, marking it to be the largest population in the country. Unfortunately, this percentage is inexplicably shaking the American economy, which is already fragile ever since the pandemic hit.

What’s truly fascinating and at the same time distressing is that the lives of this generation revolve around the internet, around all internet-related stuff, internet bundles, smart devices, internet providers, smartphones, and whatnot. So while they are more comfortable with the varying trends and innovation happening in the I.T. industry, they cannot envision their life without the internet. This is the reason why creators who belong in this age bracket lead most of the new trends, which are introduced in the industry. Unlike the previous generation, which mostly followed trends, this one believes in setting them first hand.

Spending maximum time online

This is fact dipped in truth and observation that this generation indeed spends the most time online as compared to folks of the other generation, people of this age bracket have ensured that their lives and even means of financial support are all dependent on the internet. Another study examined that people of Gen Z felt uncomfortable if they spend more than four hours without the internet, for both their normal life and employment are dependent on the World Wide Web. In comparison to the marginal 27 percent of Baby Boomers, who didn’t mind spending long hours without the internet.

Furthermore, most people from Gen Z don’t like the concept of logging in and out all the time. Instead, their preference is to always be accessible and remain available for their family, friends, colleagues, etc. For these people, the internet is a rich source of knowledge, communication, entertainment, and just being present all the time to their contacts. This generation believes in making the most of every moment online. They don’t believe in taking a break from their online presence because staying away from the screen overwhelms them as they don’t know much without it.

The generation that’s least likely to invest in a broadband connection yet wants optimal engagement

Besides harboring traits of reticence, it was observed that this generation is slightly commitment-phobic as well. Although it is commonly believed that Gen Z is always online on the internet, recent surveys on internet habits indicate that people from this generation rarely use a broadband connection. Even when they are safe within their homes. That’s probably because Gen Z members are more comfortable accessing the internet service via their smart devices and phones. These young people believe that sticking with one service may be a tad bit boring or can be stagnant. Gen Z is concerned with how people view you. That’s why social media is so important to the young lot. While this reliance on social acceptance is damaging, it’s just the opposite when it comes to acquiring essentials.

Wrapping up.. the impact of the new generation on the industry

Fortunately, Gen Z is quite optimistic about the future of the internet and in general, its effects on the industry. These people trust the internet and the potential it has for the upcoming generations. They believe that the internet has a positive impact on the world despite the privacy issues and the various other dilemmas associated with the internet. However, in all honesty, that’s probably because the new generation is tech-savvy and knows its way around the internet human relationships as well.

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